Saturday, October 16, 2010

Exhausted and well worth it ...

Who knew sitting still all day and talking to people could be so exhausting? Had a wonderful time at Canzine West - sold enough zines to make it all worthwhile financially - but that's never really been the point for me. I love talking to people - finding out what fires their creativity - what artist inspires them (maybe one I've never heard of - hey, it happens!). And when it comes to selling I'm almost more pleased to get trades from other zine makers than cash (I know - how *uncapitalistic* of me!).

Maybe because Canzine West followed so closely on the heels of WOTS (AKA Word on the Street) it seemed like there were a lot of familiar faces today - both behind the tables selling (or trading!)and in front of the tables buying. The fact that the space was large enough to accommodate plenty of both was great. And the diversity was fabulous - it really did have the feel of a *cultural fair* about it. I'm so glad I went - even if my face does hurt from smiling (and laughing, and talking).

One of these days I will *actually* post pics of the zines in question (really, I will!), and maybe (gasp!) even start selling them online, I mean I can't keep waiting for zine events to come around, can I?

Had some really great interactions today ... people who were new to zining and therefore eager to start their first one, and people whose work is not only familiar to me, but I already own most of their body of work (I really am a *collect the whole set* kinda gal).

I know, you were probably hoping for a pic here - any pic, but sorry ... need to go finish making some Artist Trading Cards for our monthly ATC swap tomorrow. Ah, the life of an artist ... never dull, I'll say that much. Photos at 11, or whatever blog phrase is equivalent to that.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Where to find me Saturday (hm ... sounds familiar)

This Saturday, October 16, I'll be selling zines at Canzine West. They invited me to be a vendor and since I already have all my zines ready and priced (from Word on the Street), I thought I might as well. The hours are more to my taste (starting at 1 pm) and I'm curious to see what Canzine West might look like, and well, I was going to go check it out anyway, so going as a seller isn't much more difficult. The table rental was amazingly reasonable, and it includes a subscription to Broken Pencil Magazine.

In fact, it looks pretty much like Broken Pencil is part and parcel of participating, even as a spectator ... I see the $5 entry fee also gets you a copy of their fall issue. It's been awhile since I had a look at Broken Pencil ... I remember it as quirky and fun and well, interesting. I look forward to reading it and hope it jiggles loose whatever writing/reading block I've been experiencing ever since I started making art.

Back in the day (pre "art making") I used to be well-read - not a voracious reader, but always in the middle of two or three books at a time. I even wrote on a fairly regular basis - then everything went visual. Not that I'm complaining, I love making art, and words always manage to be part of what I do, but lately I can't seem to get through even a full page of text before my head begs off and my hands want to "do" something instead.

Here's the specs for Canzine West ... if you find yourself in downtown Vancouver and zines are your thing (or you wonder if they might be) and you'd like your own bright shiny new copy of Broken Pencil, come say hi ... I'll be in there somewhere.

Saturday, October 16, 2010, 1pm - 7pm,
W2 Storyeum, 151 West Cordova Street
Cost: $5 at the door.
Includes a copy of the fall issue of Broken Pencil.

Giant Zine Fair: Over 150 zines from across Canada on display and for sale! The heart of the event, indie publishers both in print and online come from across the country and the continent to show their wares! Be amazed at the creativity, ingenuity, and sheer weirdness!