Friday, August 13, 2010

Work in Progress: I Heart Zines Exchange

Today I'm working on my contribution for Alma Stoller's annual I Heart Zines Exchange, so here's a little teaser photo of some of the latest bits I've done. The red paper bags will hold the final zine. I've made them with recycled photocopier test sheets (for the lovely black inside) then spray-painted through paper lace on the outside and hand-stitched the bottoms. The little birdie envelopes will go inside the zine and hold, well ... to say too much is to give everything away, but obviously birds will be involved. I made them with leftover vellum strips, a bit of tissue tape and an appropriate bird stamp. I'm still going through a "I love red & black" phase - but maybe this project will finally beat that out of me. I know there are other colours out there, really I do.

The funny thing about this particular zine, and the way I've been working lately, is that it started off being about one thing and somehow morphed into something else. A few months ago I started doing some trading on swapbot, and it's really encouraged me to be more spontaneous and to trust my creative intuition. There are a ton of people on swapbot swapping all kinds of things, including things that make me shake my head and wonder why. It's kind of like a lobster - you can ignore most of its bulk and just go for the tasty bits you enjoy most. For me, that's zines, mini-zines and the occasional "hey, that sounds like fun!" project.

I also swap ATCs on swapbot, but swapbot ATC swaps are often 1 for 1, and I'm used to a more, how do you say *numerous* approach to ATCs, thanks to our *very* active ATC group in Vancouver. We usually have between 15 and 20 people each month at our trades, so to show up with less than 10 (and for me, less than 20!) seems a shame.

Now, must get back to working on the mysterious bird-related I Heart Zines exchange ... that deadline is coming up FAST!


Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Those look FABULOUS!! Your work as always is stellar!

Don't remind me about the deadline. I am getting hives. I need to resume working on it NOW!! Yikes!

Gwen said...

great work, as always! I look forward to seeing the finished zine!

I Heart Zines said...

I can't wait to see it.


Amy Steinberg said...

I got my 10 zines from Alma about a week ago and rouge & noir was amongst them. I LOVE IT!! Actually I don't want to sound toooooo weird but it brought tears to my eyes. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.