Monday, December 20, 2010

Returning to the Blogosphere

I see it's been awhile since I posted. Well, you know, sometimes these *new* habits don't take the first time around. So here's another go ...

I've decided to Post More Art. Which (considering the amount of time I spend in the "studio") shouldn't be hard to do - or so you'd think. I make art ALOT, but often it's for projects that are in the works, and if I posted it here it would spoil the surprise for someone, so I tend not to post what I've just done, and by the time it would be *okay* to post it, well ... I'm off in another direction, and the last project doesn't get posted.

Maybe you have the same feeling I have - whatever it is I'm working on at this very minute is the Best Thing I've Ever Done. And last week's project? Well, just not the same at all. But I've decided to throw caution to the wind in the future and post pictures of stuff I make on a more regular basis. I mean, posting art should be easy, shouldn't it?

But (having just said all that), this post's artwork is NOT by me, but by Theo Nelson, who (out of the blue) sends me postcards of his artwork a couple of times a year - and I always love his stuff - so full of bright colours ~ crisp and clean and makes me want to go make more art (how much more art can I make, I ask?). Not sure how I got on his mailing list, but thanks, Theo!

So here's Theo's latest offering: The Lions in Winter. If you live in Vancouver, you don't have to ask. I look at the Lions at least once a day - at this time of year to see how far down the snow is, and Theo's got it exactly right. To see more of Theo's work check out his website. And make sure to check out his prairie landscapes - if you've ever been to the prairies you will LOVE those clouds. My personal favourite from his prairie ATC collection? "Disappearing Elevator Blues" - now there's a prairie title for you.

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Holly said...

YAY!! You're back! I'd almost given up hope that you would ever post to your blog again. I can't wait to see more examples of your art.

Hope you received my Christmas card. It may not have arrived yet as I got a late start and didn't send them out until last weekend.

Happy Holidays!