Thursday, July 15, 2010

And I resisted because ...

In the words of Piet Hein in his Grook on Long-winded Authors ...

Long-winded writers I abhor,
and glib, prolific chatters;
give me the ones who tear and gnaw
their hair and pens to tatters:
who find their writing such a chore
they only write what matters.

I feel there's a balance required between being out in the world (blog-wise) saying any old thing that comes to mind, and only saying what matters. The problem with saying any old thing is well ... that you're prone to say any old thing. The problem with saying only what matters is that opinions will be held! Reactions will occur! And there'll be (gasp!) conflict. I'm not a big fan of conflict. So I'm hoping I'll strike some kind of balance here. I expect people will let me know when I get it wrong (by no longer reading or sending me snippy comments). But maybe they'll let me know when I get it right. too. That'd be nice.

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Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Lemme just say this: You worry far too much. You have plenty of good things to share, art-wise, thought-wise, and otherwise.

I hope you become hopelessly addicted because as far as I am concerned, the world needs more Penelope!

your art partner in crime