Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everyone says I ought to have a blog

And I've felt it myself sometimes. I know I visit enough blogs, and I really ought to get my toe in the water before it's too late and we're all wired to the net through our cerebral cortex. I thought I'd start by saying something about this image ... She came about as part of a self-portrait collage project a few years ago, and I call her the Art Angel. The angel herself is an announcing angel from a brochure on churches of Italian hill towns. My angel (should you find yourself in that part of the world) is from San Gimignano. She looked a little near-sighted (as am I), so I gave her glasses. And I couldn't resist a little third eye of a spiral on her forehead, or perhaps it's an adornment of some ancient kind. Her halo is the answer from a crossword puzzle book so she is radiating ideas (as do I sometimes). Other than having glasses and radiating ideas, she doesn't look anything like me, so if you're wandering around and happen to see someone who looks like this, I'd advise you not to act like you know her (or her blog). The text along her neckline reads: So many ideas! Must make art! which is pretty much how I feel most of the time. Really.

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