Friday, July 16, 2010

And I stopped resisting because ...

It really is time to have a blog. It's time to expand on my current journal system, which goes something like this: I see neat stuff on other people's blogs, I make a note of the most fascinating details and source information in a pre-formatted document on my computer and eventually I print it out (on real paper!) and add it to my handwritten journal which I keep adding to throughout the year.

There are upsides to doing things this way. In the words of Oscar Wilde: "I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train." I suspect my journal is sensational for far less sensational reasons than Oscar's might have been, but when I find myself "stuck somewhere" ~ a bus stop, or waiting for an appointment or at The Railway (more about this in some future post), I have something interesting to read, as my journal is crammed full of cool stuff that other people are doing or have done, and I've got plenty of blank pages to play with should I get inspired by what I've just read. And I really genuinely do travel with it 100% of the time. Next time you see me, ask me and, Yes, I will have it with me.

There are downsides to a paper journal though. It's not searchable, which is becoming a tool to be devoutly wished for the older I get. I can't share my paper journal with anyone who isn't within arm's reach. And I have to keep taking my journal apart to put in new pages every time I "update". The limitations of paper I can live with, and I'll probably never stop making paper journals, but sometimes I'd love to share some of the fun stuff a little bit sooner than the few times a year I happen to show my journal to friends.

So a blog will be somewhere they can peruse the stuff in comfort, click on a link and oh, hey - so that's what she was talking about. Sounds cool to me.

I think I'm done with the introductions ... next post will have something of more substance, probably about art. Or at least more interesting than me talking about me. I promise.


Nancy Lynn said...

I heard about you from Tattered Edge blog so thought I would follow you. Looking forward to seeing what you create, etc.

Susan King said...

And we're glad you stopped resisting! I can't wait to see inside that journal of yours.

celeste said...

I'm thrilled that I'll get to see more of what's in your journal regularly rather than just at our art retreats.

so thrilled that you are blogging!!

celeste said...

...and your blog, as interesting as I'm certain it will be, could never be more interesting than talking to or about you and your brilliant mind :)